How To Tell If A Vinyl Window Is High Quality

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When it comes to selecting a vinyl window, you must remember that all vinyl windows are not built the same. There are key differences in vinyl windows you need to look for if you want windows that will not warp or fade.

Why Do I Need High Quality Vinyl?

The benefit of going with materials like aluminum or wood is that they are stiff materials due to their natural strength. They will withstand the hottest summer temperatures while maintaining their shape. Vinyl that is poorly made can deform due to high heat. You will notice that windows will eventually sag, create gaps that allow air inside your home, and can even change color to an ugly yellow tint.

This problem does not affect all vinyl window though, only those that are poorly made.

Look At The Quality of the Polyvinyl Chloride

The main factor that will make a vinyl window poor quality is the polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, that is used to create the window. Some window manufacturers try to make their windows cheaper by skimping on this key factor that makes a vinyl window high quality.

Unfortunately, there is not a universal rating system for PVC in vinyl windows. You must do some research about each window manufacturer you are considering and see what their stance is on using PVC that is high quality.

Research How The Color Is Created

If you do not want a window that will become discolored over time, you'll need to select a window manufacturer that creates pure white vinyl. This is done by using tin and a chemical called titanium dioxide. It is a chemical that is more expensive, but when used in creating PVC, it helps maintain its color.

The easiest way to tell if tin and titanium dioxide were used is if the color of the material is pure white. Off white colors are an indication that inferior production methods were used, and can result in vinyl that will easily fade in color.

Be careful of windows that also have a slight blue tint to them as well, as it is another sign of inferior production methods. If you have difficulty telling the difference, your installation company can provide some insight on which windows will not fade over time.

By understanding what makes vinyl windows that will hold up in shape and color, you can make an informed choice when selecting the windows for your home. To learn more, visit Beyers Window & Door Inc