3 Automatic Door Problems And How To Fix Them

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Grocery stores, retail outlets and countless other businesses incorporate sliding doors into their establishment. They serve as an easy and convenient way for customers to come into and go out of the business without having to worry about dropping items in their hands to fumble with the door. While these sliding doors are a great invention, you have to make sure they are properly maintained to prevent them from malfunctioning at some point in time. To help you know what you should be on the lookout for, here are some of the common repairs that need to be done with sliding doors.

Motion Sensors

The motion sensor lets the doors know when to open. They use an invisible line that when crossed sends a signal to the door to open. If those sensors are dirty or damaged, they won't know when anyone has crossed them. The doors will stay shut even when someone is right there in front of them. check to make sure the sensors are clean. If they are, you might need to have them changed to help reactivate the sensors. It could also be that they got tweaked out of alignment and aren't connecting with one another.

Guide Rollers

The rollers help move the doors along the track. If the rollers get damaged or slip off track, the doors won't be able to open properly. You need to turn to a professional to step in and replace the rollers and get them back on track to prevent additional damage to your doors.

Weather Stripping

The weather stripping helps to block the weather outside from coming inside. If your weather stripping is worn or falling off, you will want to have it replaced to help insulate the building and prevent the elements from making their way into your business. This is a relatively simple and quick fix.

By taking care of the three things above, you can make sure your doors are in solid working order at all times. It doesn't take long to have someone look at these items and see what needs to be repaired and what is in good condition. In having a repair company, like Access Door & Glass Inc, look at your door, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle along the way. If you ever have any questions about the way your door is working, make sure to consult someone who has experience and expertise in the field.