Addressing A Couple Of Questions About Common Garage Door Problems

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A working automatic garage door can make entering and exiting your garage a simple  and convenient task. Unfortunately, these systems can experience a number of issues that may cause performance problems. For new homeowners, it can be difficult to understand what is causing the problem and the steps needed to address it. If your new home has recently started to encounter some issues with the garage door, you may benefit from having the following commonly asked questions answered.

Why Won't The Garage Door Close All The Way?

You may notice that your garage door is refusing to completely close. Whether it is only a few inches off of the ground or several feet, this issue can often be traced back to a problem with the tracks. The tracks guide the garage door, but it is possible for dirt, debris or a lack of lubrication to inhibit the door from completely closing by blocking the tracks.

If you notice this problem with your home, you should perform a visual inspection of the tracks. When debris is preventing the door from closing, you should turn off the garage door opener and gently remove the obstruction. When doing this, you should attempt to remove the debris with a stick or tool that will allow you to keep your hands a safe distance from the track in case the door closes once the obstruction is removed.

If the tracks are needing lubrication, you may notice a series of small scratches along the track. The steps and type of lubrication needed by your garage door can vary from one design to another. As a result, you should always consult your owner's manual to determine the steps for adding more lubrication to your door.

Why Has The Garage Door's Motor Started To Make Loud Grinding Sounds?

To open and close the heavy door, these systems will require a powerful motor. However, these motors can suffer wear and tear over the course of their lives. When the motor starts to run low on lubrication or needs to be tuned up, it can start to make loud and unsettling sounds. If your garage door has started to exhibit this problem, you should make sure to contact a service technician as soon as possible. When homeowners neglect to have this issue addressed, they may inadvertently allow catastrophic damage to occur, which may require the entire motor to be replaced. You can help to minimize this risk in the future by having your garage door serviced by a professional technician at least once every couple of years.

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